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Hey. Just some background info on MFE for your interview. Jeremy (the drummer) and Justin (the guitarist) are brothers, the guys are going to JNB in Dec to play in the finals of the Emerging Sounds Challenge and Jeremy is currently writing his matric exams.


Q) what inspired you to become a dj?

A) Well there are many reasons why I became a DJ, the main one being that I had been attending the shows for long, which led to a. Found passion in the music and wanting to create a sound that I wanted to hear, so I became a part of the industry..

Q) how long have you been in the business?

A) I started DJing in early 2010 under another alias, namely, Dmize, playing russian techno and electro, slowly finding my sound and refining my style. Then at the beginning of 2011 I Am NOIZE!! came to be

Q) have you played live before? how was the expierence?

A) I play live regulary, I love the expierence.. Nothing greater than blasting out music that you love and the crowd loving it too. Most recent would be the I *> Halloween Block Party in newtown.. With HAEZER and STEREOHEROES (France)

Q) do you typecast yourself to a certain genre? explain..

A) I call my genre Maximal Electro Trash. I combined metal influences with my love for techno aswell as the trashy sound of the european electro that has inspired me. Maximal is a genre that my music has become known as, which is inspired by the Sidechain Massacre meets the Trashy almost evil sound of Wasabi, Haezer, Trashing Teenagers, Neus, F.O.O.L, Beef Theatre and Partysmartie and of course a large dose of NOIZE!!

Q) what do you think of the current music industry in south africa?

A) I love the music industry, the electronic music scene has grown so fast that I am proud to be part of it.. It is changing so fast and catching up with international standards quickly..

Q) what can you bring to the entertainment industry? And do you think you would like to collaborate with up and coming artists? as david guetta or calvin harris type of sensation?

A) I hope to bring my favourite music, from all around the world, aswell as local tracks to my audience. In a way that they will be able to dance for hours to. Electro is a growing genre/culture/way of life… And my music showcases the best that it has to offer. I will be releasing remixes and my own produced work soon… And this will bring something new, something different, something dirty… let’s call it NOIZE to my south african aswell as international listeners

And as for the collaboration part,

I have already done a collaboration with Our Wasted Youth. It is available for FREE download on Soundcloud, and is called Intergalactic blaster… A mixture of Belzebass and Beastie boys… , We call it our reBLAST!!!!

Q) do you go to any music festivals? if so, what is your favourite.

A) I attend as many festivals as I can, Thornfest, Oppi Koppi, when Woodstock was running I attended those and ramFEST Capetown. Last years ramFEST in Cape Town was the best by far, a 26 hour train ride from JHB to Worchester on a party train, 3 days of madness, with some of the best local and international acts, then back to JHB on a train for another 24 hours. Completely unforgettable week that will be hard to top, let alone come close to..

Q) any plans on touring Cape Town?

A) I would love to come to Cape Town to unleash my music on a new crowd, new fans, and new parties. Just need to be booked and I will be there. I have been ampt on playing Cape Town for long.

Q) interesting facts?

A) I started DJing after a friend asked if I could one night at a party, and well 1 week later I played my first show..

Q) what kind of social grouping would you classify yourself as?

A) This varies with my mood to be honest, my friends are friends… That party more than group together… We have everyone from the ultimate gym bunnies, to the Techno lovers to my metalhead friends and of course, the glam fam ;)

Here are the links to I AM NOIZE’S pages:

  the label:

And all his music is on soundcloud:



  • Genre
  • Loose and Expressive Party Rock
  • Members
  • Dean Van der Merwe - Bass Guitar / Lead Vocals
  • Justin John - Lead Guitar / Backup Vocals
  • Jeremy Riordan - Drums / Percussions
  • Hometown
  • Cape Town, Milnerton/Sandrift
  • Record Label
  • Niva Records
  • About
  • Synergy. Be there!
  • Description
  • Three piece, awesome and making a change to your life.
  • Current Location
  • Cape Town
  • General Manager
  • Proudly Justin John and Nic Owen (Niva Records)
  • Influences
  • Most of thier musical influences are the things that happen to them along the way. The way life takes them and what it does to them. The reality of this world and they have come to accept that it is clearly not flawless but yet they as “My Flawless Ending” have learnt to make the most of it. “Do what you love and love what you do. Make it your own FLAWLESS world.”
  • Band Interests
  • Music, Drinking, Breathing the clouds in, Ladies, Rock n Roll, Xbox, late night food and foosball!
  • Press Contact
  • Booking Agent
  • Justin - 078 297 5303 or Nic Owen - 072 536 0639

I AM NOIZE - amazing work by locals. Not Cape Town but still amazing

Chris Pheiffer was alone when this started, so no one else can be blamed for what has happened…
But on a dark and filthy night, he found something new…

Something the world had to hear…

White Noize met Filth and became a sound that can not be described…

Too Dirty to be Electro…
Too Filthy to be Techno…
Too Trashy to be Maximal…
Too Dark to be Fidget…

Too Loud to be explained…

I am not a wedding DJ…
I am not a JUKEBOX…


I am NOIZE!!!!

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